Services are becoming an increasingly important part of our business, allowing you to focus on the core functions of your end product and respond more quickly to changing market conditions and requirements.
VOL Steel supports you in your work not only by supplying special steel profiles, but also with other processing steps such as sawing profiles to a certain length, mil ling and drilling with CNC machines and packing individual orders.



Sawing is used to cut rolled profiles into standard or customer-specific lengths. High-speed band or circular saws are used, some of which run fully automatically.


Milling is used both for processing the profiles and for the production of completely finished components. The plant has a machining centre equipped with the latest high-precision CNC systems for this purpose. A number of other CNC machines are used for the production of the tools and fixtures required for rolling.


As part of CNC machining or as a stand-alone operation, drilling is used to produce the usual fixing holes, such as in the case of an elevator guide rail, or for long return channels and threaded holes in the linear guide components.

Powder coating

The powder coating serves on the one hand for the external aesthetics of the products and on the other hand for their corrosion protection. Special dry varnishes are used for the coating, which form a thin even layer on the metallic surfaces.


Products that require high wear resistance, such as knives or linear guides, are hardened. For this purpose, they are inductively heated locally to a temperature of approx. 1000 °C and then quenched in a polymer solution. This process gives the material a particularly high hardness.

Heat treatment

A suitable heat treatment plays a decisive role in setting the required range of properties, both on the finished product and on the workpiece, in the process chain. For this purpose, our plant is equipped with modern annealing furnaces that enable various types of thermal treatment.
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