We operate a large number of different hot and cold rolling mills and have additional drawing facilities and our own steel production. This enables us to ensure the high quality of our end products along the entire production chain.
From steel production to the finished profile, all products supplied and produced by VOL Steel


Steel smelting

Our steels are produced by melting recyclable metallic scrap. During the melting process, the specified chemical composition is always controlled and, if necessary, corrected by adding alloying components.

Continuous casting

When the steel reaches the required temperature and chemical composition, a ladle containing the molten metal is conveyed to the continuous caster. As it passes through the continuous caster, the molten steel gradually cools and solidifies in the form of a commercial square billet.

Hot rolling

The continuously cast billets are heated to a temperature of about 1150°C in a pusher furnace and then formed as required on the rolling mill. The entire forming process consists of several stages which are implemented by a series of successive rolling.

Cold rolling

In this production step, the hot-rolled material serves as a semi-finished product for further forming, which, in contrast to hot rolling, takes place at room temperature. The advantages are a higher precision of the geometry as well as a higher quality surface of the product.

Cold drawing

Similar to cold rolling, hot rolled material is the starting product for drawing. The pre-profiles are drawn through a high-strength tungsten carbide matrix and thus formed in cross-section. Depending on the complexity of the geometry, up to eight drawing steps may be necessary. Forming is carried out with the addition of lubricants to reduce the high drawing forces. Between the individual drawing steps, the profiles are annealed to relieve the internal stresses in the material and thus allow further forming. High geometrical accuracy and high-quality surfaces characterise the drawn products.
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