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  • Bead flat steels
    Bead flat steels
  • Components for elevators
    Components for elevators
  • Door hinge profiles
    Door hinge profiles
  • Drilling steel profiles
    Drilling steel profiles
  • Elevator guide rails
    Elevator guide rails
  • Flat steels
    Flat steels
  • Hexagonal steels
    Hexagonal steels
  • Knife for harvesters
    Knife for harvesters
  • Knock bar profiles
    Knock bar profiles
  • Leaf spring profiles
    Leaf spring profiles
  • Lift mast profiles
    Lift mast profiles
  • Linear guide rails (A)
    Linear guide rails (A)
  • Linear guide rails (B)
    Linear guide rails (B)
  • Lock profiles
    Lock profiles
  • Perforated hexagonal steels
    Perforated hexagonal steels
  • Ploughshare Profile
    Ploughshare Profile
  • Profiles for lift cabines
    Profiles for lift cabines
  • Profiles for rims
    Profiles for rims
  • Profiles for the oil industry
    Profiles for the oil industry
  • Round steels
    Round steels
  • Seamless tubes
    Seamless tubes
  • Splined shafts
    Splined shafts
  • Square steels
    Square steels
  • Steel wall conectors
    Steel wall conectors
  • Turntable profiles
    Turntable profiles
  • Valve plug piece profiles
    Valve plug piece profiles


We have been producing high-quality guide rails for elevator systems for over 30 years. Thanks to these many years of experience, our end products are now highly regarded on the world market. Our customers especially appreciate our possibilities of prefabrication, assembly and just-in-time delivery directly to the construction site. In addition to guide rails, our product range includes other components for elevator systems and special profiles for elevator cabs. The guide rails are manufactured according to ISO 7465 and TS 14-11-245-88.



High quality requirements for the material, strict adherence to technical specifications and just-in-time delivery - this characterises the basic requirements of our customers in the automotive industry. VOL Steel supplies various special profiles for the automotive industry, which are used in many areas of the automobile, from the engine to the body parts.



Our hot-rolled profiles are frequently used in hydraulic engineering, coastal fortification, the construction of sea and river jetties, road crossings, level crossings, high-rise buildings and also for the manufacture of tools.


Thanks to the complete production process - from steel production to cold drawing and machining - VOL Steel has the unique opportunity to offer the complete range of profiles for guide rails and carriages, from miniature rails to very large dimensions. We offer not only cold-drawn profiles for guides and carriages, but also hot-rolled profiles. This means that the cold drawing process can be omitted and the carriages can be CNC machined directly from the shape-like profile.


VOL Steel produces cold-drawn special profiles which are used in the production of various components of machine tools. For example, we produce profiles for telescopic steel curtains and T-slot profiles for CNC machine tables.


In shipyards, bead flat steels are generally used for steel shipbuilding. These components, also known as Holland sections, are particularly robust and resistant, are manufactured precisely to specification and are subject to the most stringent quality controls.


For the agricultural industry, VOL Steel manufactures a wide range of hot-rolled profiles, which are mainly impact bar and plough blade profiles. All profiles can be supplied in fixed lengths with holes and packed in the required quantities on pallets.For manufacturers of tools and components for agricultural machinery, we also offer cold drawn flat profiles in custom sizes with a tolerance of h9.


For customers in the industrial truck industry, VOL Steel supplies high-quality hot-rolled profiles for the lift mast as well as for attachments such as fork carriers or side shifters. Further production steps such as straightening and sawing are carried out in high-precision, laser-supported straightening machines and automatic sawing lines. This enables us to produce extremely precise profiles with very good surface properties.

Further production steps such as straightening and sawing are carried out in high-precision, laser-supported straightening machines and automatic sawing lines. This enables us to produce extremely accurate profiles with very smooth surfaces without the typical hot rolling defects such as rolled in scale. The profiles have precise straightness and are sawn to the desired length if required.



The development and extraction of mineral resources from the earth and their pro- cessing also place special demands on the technologies used. VOL Steel meets these requirements with drill steel sections, perforated hexagonal steels and seamless tubes, e.g. for drill anchors.


Our company is specialized in the production of special profiles according to customer drawings.

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